How Do We Live with Death?

22 Feb - 25 Mar
Does modern society distance us from our own mortality? And how are we able to live with the death of a loved one without the promise of seeing them in an afterlife?Death and taxes unite us all, so join us for an exploration of the way that death affects our life, an issue with which thinkers, artists and composers have long struggled.

The London Philharmonic Orchestra showcases works including Berg’s Violin Concerto, dedicated to ‘the memory of an angel’, which conveys a bottomless depth of personal loss. They also perform the monumental centrepiece to their year of Belief and Beyond Belief concerts, with Penderecki’s St Luke Passion, a work which struggles and laments towards redemption.

The composer is at the festival to introduce the work and speak through his inspirations. Plus the BBC Concert Orchestra perform music for film and theatre which explores the representation of death and spirituality.

On the weekend of Saturday 4 – Sunday 5 March, speakers including Nick Baines, Bishop of Leeds, and Sarah Bakewell, author of How to Live: A Life of Montaigne in one question and twenty attempts at an answer, join together for talks, panels and debates covering topics such as whether we have the right to die, burial rites, apocalyptic religions and the way to immortality.

This is the third part of Belief and Beyond Belief, our year-long festival exploring religion, spirituality, belief and the world.

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Classical music
7:30 pm, 25 Mar 2017
Mozart's Requiem is paired with a dazzlingly different vision of the afterlife by Richard Strauss

30 Apr 2017

Spoken word & Live literature
3:15 pm, 30 Apr 2017
Witness a live reading of Primo Levi’s powerful account of survival at Auschwitz

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We caught up with Devorah Baum, author of Feeling Jewish and The Jewish Joke
Hear comedian, actor and writer Cariad Lloyd's thoughts on life and death

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