London Literature Festival

London Literature Festival featured many of the most anticipated literary events of the year, with talks by Philip Pullman and Claudia Rankine to Tom Hanks and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

This specially expanded edition of the festival opened with the 50th anniversary of Poetry International, sees the return of Young Adult Literature Weekender, features children’s events to coincide with the half-term week and boasts some of the best writers from across the Nordic region.

The festival celebrates the role words can play in reimagining a world on the brink, with poets, novelists and major speakers reflecting on recent times and the future of the planet.

The festival shines a light on the extraordinary creativity of poetry from languages perilously close to extinction. We also illuminate Royal Festival Hall, inside and out, with the written dreams of migrants and refugees from across Europe, and launch the largest exhibition of artworks, outside the Nordic region, from the indigenous Sámi.

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Enjoy some of the highlights of this year’s festival, including Hillary Rodham Clinton and Tom Hanks

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