Nordic Partners

Chosen from a number of international applicants, Southbank Centre is the sole recipient of a grant from The Nordic Council of Ministers for a new festival celebrating the very best of Nordic art and culture. The festival takes place throughout 2017 and is one of the biggest cultural-political partnerships of its kind.

Nordic Matters is a year-long festival of Nordic art and culture in 2017, featuring music and dance, theatre and visual arts, participation, talks and debates, and gastronomy.

Moving beyond popular perceptions of ‘Nordic Noir,’ Nordic Matters weaves Nordic culture and artists through Southbank Centre’s programme, highlighting themes of women’s rights, sustainability and play.

About The Nordic Council of Ministers

The Nordic Council of Ministers is the official inter­governmental body for co­operation in the Nordic Region. The Council brings together representatives of the governments of Denmark, Sweden, Norway Finland and Iceland, as well as the three autonomous areas, the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland Islands.

The Presidency of the Nordic Council rotates between the five Nordic countries and is currently held by Norway will hold the Presidency.

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