Spot the Gonks


Can you find the Gonks hiding around Southbank Centre?

Gonks (or by their official name, tomte, nisse or tomtenisse) are mythological creatures from Scandinavian folklore, typically associated with the winter solstice and the Christmas season.


Daily until 16 January 2017


Keep your eyes peeled and you might spot one...

Usually they are quite small, no more than three feet tall, with a long white beard and a tall conical hat in a bright colour. Our Gonks are a little larger than average and can be found in forests around Southbank Centre's site.

Hotline to Santa?

During the Christmas season, Gonks like to keep an eye on children and report their findings (whether naughty or nice) back to Santa.

There was a time when naughty children were left without presents, or even punished, but nowadays it’s said that Gonks have given up this old habit and may even remember the naughty children with a Christmas gift.

Still there is a common understanding among everyone not to risk it when it comes to Gonks.

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