Delve into the history and works of the Liverpool Poets in this exhibition of original manuscripts, ephemera, posters, audio and video material.

In 1967, The Mersey Sound brought poetry down from the shelf and onto the street, capturing the mood of the Sixties. A publishing phenomenon, it went on to become the bestselling poetry anthology of all time.

In this exhibition, you can retrace the emergence of Adrian Henri, Roger McGough and Brian Patten onto the 1960s poetry scene.

Whether they wrote of young love, pop idols, atomic bombs, eccentric bus conductors or sci-fi superheroes, the Liverpool Poets were contemporary, urban and accessible. Through their books and live readings, they helped make poetry a part of popular culture.

Those themes run through Adrian Henri's 1960s paintings and collages. In the Members Area, the second part of the exhibition presents a selection of Henri's pop works.

Curated by Catherine Marcangeli.

dates & times

28 July – 24 September 

The National Poetry Library: 11am – 8pm daily, closed Mondays 
Members Area: 10am – 10.30pm daily


Members Area and The National Poetry Library at Royal Festival Hall