Noémie Goudal 'Station II, 2015'


For the fourth Waterloo Billboard Commission, Hayward Gallery present a work by artist Noémie Goudal. Her intervention into a landscape view explores our enduring fascination with the sky.

In the centre of this image is a large disc, painstakingly constructed from tiled sheets of paper that together reproduce a portion of the sky. In this striking image – now situated in the busy urban landscape – Goudal explores the relationship between the manmade and the organic, and our enduring fascination with the sky.

Station II is the fourth of the Waterloo Billboard Commissions, a series of large-scale artworks presented by Hayward Gallery.

Supported by Edel Assanti, London and Galerie Les Filles du Calvaire, Paris


Tuesday 4 April – Friday 2 June 2017


Hayward Gallery Billboard
Queen Elizabeth Hall Terrace, Level 2

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