Insect Hands

16 –⁠ 17 Jan 2021, 10am
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Past event
Playful movements with hands and fingers
Alice Underwood

Click above to view with Captions, and listen to Audio Described Insects Hands and sensory films in the 'Read, watch & listen more' section.

Meet the ground’s wriggling inhabitants in a quirky dance film for ages 4 and above.

Explore the world beneath your feet. Look down. What are you standing on?

Join Takeshi and his animated minibeast friends for a dance in the great outdoors.

It’s a dance that invites you to look a little more closely at the world around you.

Autumnal blooms, tickly toes and scrunchy leaves inspire you to get outside, get moving, and play. How many insects can you spot?

In a world premiere, Second Hand Dance presents GRASS films: Insect Hands.

Second Hand Dance has a national and international reputation for creating joyful, highly visual dance work for family and adult audiences. Its work has been
presented on three continents and watched by just under a million people, live or online.

Insect Hands is created by Rosie Heafford, winner of the Arts Foundation Children’s Theatre Shortlist Award.

Watch Insect Hands film with Audio Descriptions.

Playful movements with hands and fingers
Alice Underwood

Watch Sensory Films with Captions.

Families can try our activities connected to the Sensory Films. See the details below videos.

Dancing in the Rain: …Let’s explore moving in the rain:

Can you move your hands through the rain? 

Can you stretch up high to where it comes from? 

Can you catch some of the water in your hands?

Scrunching: …Let’s explore feeling the grass with our hands and feet:

Can you scrunch your toes into the grass and then spread them wide?

Can you flick the grass with the tips of your fingers or toes? 

Does your grass feel wet or dry?

Spider Hands: …Let’s explore moving like spiders:

Can you wiggle your fingers like spider legs? Quickly and then slowly? 

Can your spiders find some hiding places? Where can you find?

Can you make the spiders creep on different parts of your body? How does it feel?

Need to know

Age recommendation

For ages 4 – 7 and older children with additional needs

Audio Description is available during this event.

Insect Hands is accompanied by sensory films which offer an additional way to experience the event for children with an autistic spectrum condition or who explore the world in a sensory way.

To join our free Access Scheme, email [email protected]

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Insect Hands lasts approximately 5 minutes and 30 seconds.

The broadcast is available to watch for two days on this page, see the ‘Read watch & listen more’ button above.

Dates & times

16 – 17 Jan 2021, first broadcast 10am, then available on demand.


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