RT @peterdhudson: Room for Alternative is open! Join us at #ChangingMindsFest @southbankcentre @SolutionsNo @_ted_hunt #RCA t.co/BR…
RT @Rethink_: We are at London's Southbank Centre today at #ChangingMindsFest come & say hi & help us colour in our giant picture!
RT @missmussel: Sue Baker "I didn't expect it to happen to me. Depression is the biggest thief and liar. I had no joy left." #changingminds
Moving testimony from @briancdow of @Rethink_ about his brother's struggle with mental illness but with a great outcome #ChangingMindsFest
RT @missmussel: 1 in 4 people are mentally ill. We tend to think of it as an extreme - schizophrenia et al -it's a spectrum #changingminds
RT @MinxThinx: "A cultural space is a safe space to discuss to difficult issues" Jude Kelly @Southbankcentre #ChangingMindsFest
"We don't intend to suppress anything this weekend" @JudeKellySBC opening #ChangingMindsFest this morning t.co/ouFHoTQ26c
RT @missmussel: @JudeKellySBC - idea for #changingmindsfest came from @marinalsop and her work with Schumann's violin concerto.


How Writing Can Heal

Our brand new festival #ChangingMindsFest begins tomorrow. The talks programme is already sold out but there are lots of free and ticketed individ ...

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Changing Minds festival: Q&A with Yomi Sode

27 Jan 2016,

    Before speaking at Changing Minds, writer and performance poet Yomi Sode ...

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