Have you seen the #ghosts tonight? Look through the QEH windows and you just might catch a glimpse. t.co/swg3CBN69p
If you missed any of the epic undertaking that was #MobyDickLive you can listen again here: t.co/xePWNGb9Cn
RT @feerussell1: #ghosts #haunting thank you @southbankcentre for super chill Sunday #love it t.co/OeO5YpKCpT
RT @AnnaStothard: "It is not down on any map; true places never are." Loved #MobyDickLive @southbankcentre, will be reading w... t.…
Look out for them again @southbankcentre from 6.30 t.co/ODjevFpVqv
RT @yoshkosh10: Great fun to watch people's reaction when they see ghosts @southbankcentre t.co/BoNXfPmWTp
And that was #MobyDickLive Thanks to all 230 readers and the dancers and singers who have made this epic possible t.co/mPoo3DfPft
.@S_Taradash & @JarredMcGinnis of @TSR_Stories at the finale of this epic production of #MobyDickLive Back in port t.co/bXSM3leiZU
@NickHaymanSM I think we've fixed it!
RT @S_Taradash: This is it. The final chapter of #MobyDickLive.


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