RT @iskrastrings: Inspired by the Kinshasa Symphony @southbankcentre. Fascinating blend of cultures, styles and musicians. #AfricaUtopia
.@Kid_Desimo Thank you so much for your kind suitcase donation. It will be very much appreciated by Kinshasa Symphony Orchestra
RT @NYOGB: Universal brotherhood & sisterhood of Beethoven's Ode to Joy achieved tonight w/ #KinshasaSymphony @southbankcentre t.co/…
Great kids activities at #DarbarFestival2014. Why not come down to a singing or sitar workshop? t.co/6l5o4rw6hd
RT @Joe_Strummer: @southbankcentre: Mary Evans' paper artwork in QEH for #AfricaUtopia superb! t.co/J4ZqRgaSh5 t.co/wj305nNkxN
If you enjoyed #AfricaUtopia this year, please join us in congratulating curator @HannahPool for this year's wonderful festival
RT @HannahPool: An incredible culmination to #AfricaUtopia Festival 2014 @southbankcentre with Baba Maal on Youth and Activism - can't wait…
@Kid_Desimo Do you have a suitcase or just need directions?!
@MsBennyBonsu So glad that you enjoyed #AfricaUtopia!


Here's a flavour of some of the of 1950's interiors that we looked during the History of the Cocktail Chair event last Wednesday evening - enjoy! ...

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A royal cello recital with international stars

3 Sep 2014,

Masterpieces: World premiere performance of Shostakovich and Rachmaninov’s music ...

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