.@magic_breakfast next plan is to solve hunger during holidays & weekends & giving every child the happy healthy life they deserve #WHYFest
.@MagicCarmel "@magic_breakfast currently provides 350 schools with breakfast, that's 14,000 school children every school day" #WHYFest
.@MagicCarmel "when you think of hunger as a barrier to education you don't think of the UK, but there's a million hungry schoolchildren"
Laurence Guiness @KidsCompanyUK "6-900,000 children in London's calorie intake is below the daily recommended average' #WHYFest
"95% of head-teachers believe eating well improves children's attention & behaviour" #WHYFest
Laurence Guiness "@KidsCompanyUK provides 3000 hot meals a week for children, this nutritional support makes huge difference in their life"
"Only a very small percentage of school meals have the proper nutritional value" #WHYFest
Carmel & Alex @magic_breakfast Laurence @KidsCompanyUK & Myles School Food Plan talking about role of breakfast clubs t.co/t7QirzQq6N
RT @MagicCarmel: The @southbanklondon #WHYFEST child hunger panel. Looking forward to a good debate! t.co/WZTkasBAvy
RT @trish_oc: Some life-long campaigners in the making @southbankcentre's children's protest at our new #WHY?fest. t.co/KRWBclhLcd


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