Emotions were often close to the surface during Coal Not Dole discussion at #ChangingBritain today. Plenty more talks to come today too.
Job creation is a hot topic at #ChangingBritain today Norman Strike in Coal Not Dole also wants to see this happen t.co/TEgHHwMXhf
Coal Not Dole - Norman Strike feels let down by TUC and Neil Kinnock. He calls him Kneel Kinnock! #ChangingBritain
@susanriley66 One of the aims of #ChangingBritain is to highlight the importance of politics to our history and to encourage more voting
Cole Not Dole - Ex-Miner Norman Strike is convinced that soldiers dressed as policeman were used against striking miners #ChangingBritain
.@susanriley66 Do you think that an aspect of a #ChangingBritain is that people don't care enough about political issues?
.@owengower84-During strike news coverage BBC reversed film of Orgreave miners It looked like miners were charging police #ChangingBritain
RT @mcolthorpe: #changingbritain The idea of striving to better yourself but not at expense of community key to idea of the affluent worker…
Ex-Miner Norman Strike was jailed for 2 weeks for picketing and told he was a disgrace by the judge Coal Not Dole - #ChangingBritain
.@owengower84 director of Still The Enemy Within -C4s doc Strike only included 7 minutes of interviews with striking miners #ChangingBritain


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