RT @bitoclass: Some in Conservatives saw what Thatcher called "de-nationalisation" as unpatriotic, removing Britishness from institutions #…
RT @accordingtoJonD: Huge public groundswell of support for war. People thought Argentina were a direct threat to Britain. #ChangingBritain
RT @bitoclass: Richard says the UK was at the forefront of privatisation in Europe and other countries watched us and copied it over time #…
RT @Nanodave: #changingbritain Privatisation was a free lunch for the Investment Banks - did that help lead to their narcissistic sense of …
@rachywakey Very pleased to hear this Rachel. We hope that you enjoy being a member @southbankcentre
RT @bitoclass: Richard says Thatcher's first term was a relatively minor shift from previous Labour gov't, whereas 1983 made them bolder #C
RT @JDLskier: Just learned Thatcher successfully legislated to remove Brit citizenship from residents of #FalklandIslands before war! #chan
@MatthewPWoods Yes of course. Look at the tweets from the last session.
John Campbell is talking about privatisation under Thatcher's government at #ChangingBritain today. t.co/85tyHfLYnQ
RT @accordingtoJonD: The initial reaction was that engaging in the Falklands was pure folly. Unknown terrain, people, enemy. #ChangingBrita


"What you see will haunt you and motivate you" Huffington Post UK It's your final chance to see Hayward Gallery at Southbank Centre's exhibition, ...

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What is purple and will make you laugh a lot?

14 Apr 2015,

Can you believe it’s that time of year again? That’s right – Udderbelly Fes ...

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