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RT @Adsthepoet: @southbankcentre @ChildrensComm by assuming there is no gap. I love literature, poetry, classical music etc
Dr Maggie Atkinson - Numbers of children in desperate need of leisure/culture/arts. Not enough political urgency to change this #WHYFest
Dr Maggie Atkinson- arts/culture activities for children are as important as food/water/air & it is our responsibility to give that to them
Dr Maggie Atkinson @ChildrensComm is asking "how do we bridge the gap between children & the arts / high culture?" #WHYFest
Dr Maggie Atkinson "children are 9 times more likely to be moved on by shop security, when it is mainly people 18+ shoplifting" #WHYFest
Dr Maggie Atkinson @ChildrensComm - as a nation we need to teach children their rights and understand them ourselves #WHYFest


Ariane Todes interviews renowned French violinist Renaud ...

15 Oct 2014,

Ariane Todes interviews renowned French violinist Renaud Capuçon ahead of his three-con ...

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