Final day of #BeingAManFest today Look out for #DadDancing in amongst the packed programme!
RT @juliecurlie: What an inspired and unlikely combination of @akalamusic @frankieboyle music and politics tonight @southbankcentre
RT @DukeofYou: An enlightening & entertaining night at @southbankcentre #BeingAManFest @frankieboyle @akalamusic discussing hiphop
RT @Rakishi: Great night listening to @frankieboyle @akalamusic & others discussing Star Trek,Hip Hop & being a man @southbankcentre #Being
RT @Oz_Stryker: Professor! @frankieboyle lecturing @akalamusic & many more @southbankcentre on British #imperialism #grime #war #LSD https:…
RT @polarisalon: A fantastic #Polari tonight. Hard to believe it's been 8 years! Thanks to @southbankcentre and everyone involved. "Love o…
RT @jeremywong01: Sick scintillating evening at @southbankcentre at #BeingAManFest w/ @akalamusic and @frankieboyle.
RT @s0ngb1rd: Tonite really enjoyed #beingaman @southbankcentre @FrankieBoyle_ @akalamusic @Joshoshomusic et al 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👌🏾👌🏾 incisive comment
RT @MartinDaubney: Chuffed with this soundbite as it's so true #BeingAManFest
RT @sanjaysoodsmith: Great time on the British Asian Men panel at #BeingAManFest earlier @TherealNihal @AsifaLahore @sandeepvirdee


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At #BeingAManFest today, there is a FREE series of films showing the letters of James Bond creator, Ian Fleming. Set to be truly fascinating. If ...

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10 Questions with Being A Man Festival Speaker Hervé Gof ...

26 Nov 2015,

Before performing his Fringe First Award-nominated show Hervé at this weekend’s Being A ...

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