It's the turn of our Artistic Director @JudeKellySBC to read at #MobyDickLive The Chase is on!
Correction! Shan McLennan was joined by the wonderful @britschooCAP dancers for her reading at #MobyDickLive
@elliefulcherx @britschooCAP Whoops! Apologies. It's live. We'll correct. Thanks.
RT @JnnyG: Great concert at @southbankcentre last night, Kavakos was phenomenal @LPOrchestra
Chapter 133 at #MobyDickLive The Chase begins! Listen live here:
.@southbankcentre's @ShanMcLennan reads us into #MobyDickLive Chapter 132 and is joined by @MagpieDance
The chase begins soon! Catch the #MobyDickLive drama here in RFH until 5pm or listen here:
#MobyDickLive Chapter 128 and Brenda Wong is joined by @MagpieDance for her reading.
Not long until the #haunting begins Look for the #ghosts at 5pm today They'll be everywhere!
David Flusfeder @flusfeder takes us into Chapter 125 at #MobyDickLive Listen live until 5pm


Dudendance Borderlands

Strange ghostly visitations mark the closure of our iconic brutalist buildings ahead of renovation works. See if you can see ghosts here on Sunday ...

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Meltdown: The Last Post

30 Aug 2015,

It’s the last day of the festival, and the journalists of Meltdown Media have one ...

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