RT @bitoclass: Topic of mental health funding comes up and James rails against austerity, "ideologically driven and unnecessary" #ChangingM
RT @liz_inskip: Dr Victoria Showunmi kicks off by declaring she's a feminist. Strong start! 💪 🙌 #ChangingMindsFest
RT @missmussel: AH - it's a funding battle isn't it? Therapies like CBT take a long time &it's hard to convince the gvt it's worth it #Chan
RT @bitoclass: Liz backs this up, describing her own serious mental health problems and how hard it was to feel human again #ChangingMindsF
RT @bitoclass: Deji, a mental health doctor, gives some examples of humanising people with mental illness being important to their care #Ch
RT @liz_inskip: Dr. Sushrut Jadhav talking about his experience in UK system, in India, cultural sensitivity, & the 'untouchable' caste. #C
RT @bitoclass: James points out the asylums only closed in the 1980s, Care In The Community wasn't a great success… #ChangingMindsFest
RT @liz_inskip: "I don't need words to reach out from the page and hug me. ... I need them to tell the truth" quote from @DeanAtta poem. #C
RT @bitoclass: Mark asks where we're at with society's approach to mental healthcare. Vacuum cleaner James says we're "in the Stone Age" #C
RT @freespaceartist: @LizAtkin an advocate an artist and someone who knows what she is talking about #ChangingMindsFest t.co/TO1LvV…


Changing Minds festival: Q&A with Yomi Sode

27 Jan 2016,

    Before speaking at Changing Minds, writer and performance poet Yomi Sode ...

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