RT @Adsthepoet: @southbankcentre @ChildrensComm by assuming there is no gap. I love literature, poetry, classical music etc
Dr Maggie Atkinson- arts/culture activities for children are as important as food/water/air & it is our responsibility to give that to them
Dr Maggie Atkinson @ChildrensComm is asking "how do we bridge the gap between children & the arts / high culture?" #WHYFest
Dr Maggie Atkinson "children are 9 times more likely to be moved on by shop security, when it is mainly people 18+ shoplifting" #WHYFest
Dr Maggie Atkinson @ChildrensComm - as a nation we need to teach children their rights and understand them ourselves #WHYFest
Dr Maggie Atkinson - Only the leisure, arts & culture sectors can reach certain areas of the human spirit & children need that #WHYFest
Dr Maggie Atkinson @ChildrensComm "Less money is spent on children than elderly, even though there is a lot more of them." #WHYFest
Dr Maggie Atkinson @ChildrensComm "There are 12 mil under 18 year olds in the UK, that makes 1 in 4 of total population" #WHYFest
Dr Maggie Atkinson, Children's Commisioner for England @ChildrensComm is talking about #childrensrights & why they are good for all of us
#WHYFest - Resilience is important & young people need to look after each other online Parents need to encourage their kids to be resilient


Ariane Todes interviews renowned French violinist Renaud ...

15 Oct 2014,

Ariane Todes interviews renowned French violinist Renaud Capuçon ahead of his three-con ...

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