That completes the first day of #ChangingBritain There's plenty more to come tomorrow Look out for live streams too.
.@s_hosker We hope that the historical perspectives offered by #ChangingBritain might help you decide how to vote.
.@AlwynTurner is now talking to David Kynaston - Watch live now:
RT @_AlyssaThomas: Rock & Roll was a threat to all establishments of all types, popular culture was a driving force for social change #Chan
RT @bitoclass: BBC had given up on directing public taste but started Top Of The Pops—"like a 5th-form disco run+overseen by the teachers" …
Watch @AlwynTurner talking about the cultural impact of #RocknRoll at #ChangingBritain LIVE now here:
RT @Charmaine_ELT: Had a fabulous and inspiring day @southbankcentre #ChangingBritain festival. So many ideas for the PhD; my reading list …
RT @SilajaS: Go see #Keepsakes #AdoptingBritain @southbankcentre - important and fascinating stories of migration - good work @MigrationUK !
RT @bitoclass: Final #ChangingBritain session today: keynote talk by cultural historian Alwyn Turner (here with David Kynaston)…
Our final #ChangingBritain keynote speech is from @AlwynTurner Watch this LIVE now here:


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