Captain @JarredMcGinnis marks the end of a today's completely epic journey We'll be back at 10.30am #MobyDickLive
Ernesto Sarezale @sarezale has completed Chapter 95 at #MobyDickLive and steered us safely into port for the night.
Ernesto Sarezale @sarezale is making Chapter 94: Squeeze of the Hand his own at #MobyDickLive #LondonLitFest
.@jakobrosenbak There getting ghostly here tomorrow too.
RT @jakobrosenbak: This evening ghostly figures were wandering around @southbankcentre in slow motion - seriously #spooky…
RT @MaryGNguyen: Great view ofJurowski and @LPOrchestra I hope this Scriabin piece doesn't make me deaf @southbankcentre #RFH…
RT @TSR_Stories: Chapter 91: The Pequod Meets The Rose-Bud #MobyDickLive with Susan Evans #LondonLitFest
.@1CeciDelgado @peterc45 It's the wonderful Dudendance's Borderlands. Getting ghostly here tomorrow too.
RT @peterc45: I just love the @southbankcentre you never know what you are going to find love love it
We ain't afraid of no ghosts! See any spirits @southbankcentre today? They return on Sunday


Dudendance Borderlands

Strange ghostly visitations mark the closure of the iconic brutalist buildings ahead of renovation works. See if you can see ghosts here on Sunday ...

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Meltdown: The Last Post

30 Aug 2015,

It’s the last day of the festival, and the journalists of Meltdown Media have one ...

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