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RT @viv_albertine: Arrived on stage @southbankcentre today with bog paper stuck to my shoe
RT @LydiaMagic: Thought the @southbankcentre #ChangingBritain festival this weekend was fascinating, & each discussion could easily have be…
RT @LydiaMagic: Highlight of the @southbankcentre #ChangingBritain fest was definitely @selina_todd & Sundari Anitha on women, race, class …
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RT @SavageBrogan: Highlight of #changingbritain festival @southbankcentre. Panel with #GlenMatlock #VivAlbertine &… t.co/Jaqg69wdXr
RT @NewTownUtopia: Nice combo in 1 talk @southbankcentre: classical music, fish & chips, Irish migrants & town planning #changingbritain ht…
RT @abzbyrne: Second wave feminists proving that they are far from "humourless" #ChangingBritain
RT @rspateman: That's me done. Next week: AIDS, homophobia, Blitz kids and the miners' strike. Frankie says go! And I am #ChangingBritain


What is purple and will make you laugh a lot?

14 Apr 2015,

Can you believe it’s that time of year again? That’s right – Udderbelly Fes ...

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