Prof. John Collinge - Positive changes came out of the BSE crisis including the formation of the Food Standards Agency #ChangingBritain
RT @bitoclass: Audience Q asks panel to predict what next riots might look like. Alex says it'll be about housing: young ppl can't get it #…
RT @_AlyssaThomas: Tim: most obvious difference between 1981 & 2011 riots was looting but it's dangerous to say 2011 was all about consumpt…
Roger Hiorns & Prof. John Collinge discussing the BSE crisis and the effect of the disease on humans #ChangingBritain
#ChangingBritain Zack Denfeld @infoeco - Amazing projects highlighting biotechnologies in human food systems
.@sbourne1 We'll look forward to seeing you @TredegarBand later. Excited! #ChangingBritain
RT @Analogue_: Now for fascinating talk on 'prions' and art. 'Perfectly Safe to Eat' @southbankcentre @wellcometrust
.@funkhousesoul The #ChangingBritain Festival will examine our history up to the present before the #GeneralElection
The BSE crisis is examined in Roger Hiorns' section of #HIstoryIsNow 7 Artists Take On Britain #LastChanceToSee


"What you see will haunt you and motivate you" Huffington Post UK It's your final chance to see Hayward Gallery at Southbank Centre's exhibition, ...

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What is purple and will make you laugh a lot?

14 Apr 2015,

Can you believe it’s that time of year again? That’s right – Udderbelly Fes ...

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