@notthatmrt Not yet but it won't be any later than 10pm. We'll update you soon Rowan.
We'll be Dancing on the Terrace from 11.00am today #BigWeddingWeekend t.co/KNq7jd2EEX t.co/iuroZw5154
@snedds It ends around 8.40pm Enjoy the show!
RT @meltdownfest: It's already the final day of David Byrne's #MeltdownFest with just 2 shows to go before it ends. See you there! t…
.@the_anke Numbers you say? Here's what it takes to make a Big Wedding Weekend! #SouthbankForLove t.co/Fcnix2mg5Q
Big Wedding Weekend Day 2 begins with Dancing on The Terrace from 11.00am #SouthbankForLove t.co/SDPiILmImY t.co/cgRqw37Jr1
It may be raining outside but we're having a great boogie at our FREE Big Wedding Party happening now! Come & join us #SouthbankForLove
We're in the mood for love and there's so much of it in the house today at Big Wedding Weekend! #SouthbankForLove t.co/joPCXLAlR0
RT @davibellingham: Coolest pair of trainers @southbankcentre festival of love - it's rocking and it's only 7.30 t.co/kb9mnstihP
RT @CorkFolkFest: Caroline and Simon just got married #bigweddingweekend #SouthbankForLove t.co/e7FXgbns6q


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