@catheydon Hi Catherine, thanks for letting us know and glad you were able to book tickets, sorry again for inconvenience earlier.
@Scarlet2046 Hi again, glad you've been able to book tickets & sorry once more for any inconvenience earlier
RT @EllaSquirrell: Blown away last night by @punchbrothers, at @southbankcentre, a sublime performance , Thankyou! t.co/SzaUq36vn1
RT @WordUp86: Great gallery of watercolours by @OliverJeffers @southbankcentre on 6th floor RFH. How to Catch a Star t.co/y6JYwS8dzG
@RiderJ54 Please do send any feedback you have to our customer relations team at customerrelations@southbankcentre.co.uk 2/2
@RiderJ54 Hi Martin, very sorry about this. We are currently developing a new site. 1/2
@catheydon Hi Catherine, apologies for this. Please try this link to book Ring Cycle t.co/JjiITv1cP5
@SarahPlayfair we are in process of developing new one, if you have any feedback do email us at customerrelations@southbankcentre.co.uk 2/2
@SarahPlayfair Hi Sarah, you're welcome and very sorry for the inconvenience with our website this morning... 1/2
Beatboxing legend @Shlomo & leading carnactic violinist @violinjyotsna here this Thursday! t.co/FJGXMqHK1g t.co/XVA7hE9rhd


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