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    Eduardo Paolozzi: General Dynamic F.U.N

     Sex Crime Wave Rolling High Screenprint by Eduardo Paolozzi
    Sex Crime Wave Rolling High by Eduardo Paolozzi - General Dynamic F.U.N. Hayward Touring Exhibition 2016

    Wake up your eyes with fifty works by Pop Art master Paolozzi

    Eduardo Paolozzi: General Dynamic F.U.N. presents 50 screenprints and photolithographs by the pioneer of Pop Art, Sir Eduardo Paolozzi (1924-2005).

    Created between 1965 and 1970, Paolozzi’s canny alchemy is vividly apparent in General Dynamic F.U.N.

    The series illustrates how the self-styled ‘wizard in Toytown’ employed the technologies of mass-reproduction to gorge on its idols – the household names and familiar faces of consumer advertising, high fashion and Hollywood in the 1960s. 

    A compulsive collector and jumbler of icons, Paolozzi is equally revered for his mechanistic sculptures and his kaleidoscopic print projects. He transformed the mundane, the derelict and the mass-produced into images that zap with electric eclecticism and impress with their graphic complexity. The artist's friend and sometime collaborator, J.G. Ballard, described General Dynamic F.U.N. as a 'unique guidebook to the electric garden of our minds'.

    The prints, which bear idiosyncratic titles such as 'Totems and Taboos of the Nine-to-Five Day'; 'Twenty Traumatic Twinges' and 'Cary Grant as a Male War Bride', do not occupy a rigid sequence but can be assembled and viewed in any order. 

    For Paolozzi, the modern age, exposed as ephemera, is a necessarily fragmented collision of visual stimulus and influence, and his work is a 'health warning for an uncreative and thriftless society'.

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    Exhibition available autumn/winter 2023.

    • Size: 
      50 prints
    • Fee:
      £750 plus VAT for a four-week showing (financial year 2023/24)
    • Gallery requirements: 
      Security Category C
      30-40 running metres 
    • Education resources: 
      Includes an education and research pack

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