Talks from our first #ChangingBritain weekend covering 1945-1979 are now available to watch here:
That's all from #ChangingBritain today. The festival returns on Saturday examining 1997-2015
#ChangingBritain @JudeKellySBC - We put this festival on just before we all use our right to vote and change Britain once again
RT @salenagodden: I read from #SpringfieldRoad @southbankcentre #ChangingBritain get yourself a beautiful hardback copy via @unbounders htt…
LIVE on #Periscope: #ChangingBritain 1979-1997 Wrap Up
RT @msthenat: #CarryGreenhamHome incredibly powerful documentary @southbankcentre #ChangingBritain
Peter York, @JudeKellySBC and David Kynaston wrap up #ChangingBritain 1979-1997
@standardoffers @UpandGoUK On the Southbank perhaps? :-)
Watch Peter York, @JudeKellySBC and David Kynaston Wrap Up #ChangingBritain 1979-1997 Live Here
LIVE on #Periscope: #ChangingBritain 1979-1997 Wrap Up


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