Abdul-Rehman Malik on religion and his inspirations

Thursday, March 30, 2017 - 15:51

The award-winning journalist and educator Abdul-Rehman Malik will chair two panel discussions at Prophets, Visionaries and Power.

We took the opportunity to get his thoughts on the teachings of religion.

What do you think religion can teach us?

Religion is the distillation of thousands of years of human struggle to not only craft a code of right living and ways to understand our origins, but to create a moral and ethical framework to live our lives well and fully.

Religion teaches us that in fact, there are no easy answers to the problems and challenges that confront us and that without contending with the whole of the human condition – our needs, wants, desires, aspirations – we cannot deal with those challenges in any meaningful way.

Name a work of art that you find spiritually inspiring.

The Autobiography of Malcolm X, and The Beautiful Names by John Tavener.

As part of our year-long Belief and Beyond Belief festival, Abdul chairs two panel discussions (Separation of Powers: God in Politics and What Would the Ancients Do? Wisdom from the Bhagavat Gita) on Saturday 8 April.

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