Antony Gormley on the theme of Inside, and curating Koestler

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Turner Prize-winning sculptor Antony Gormley is to curate the 2017 Koestler Awards exhibition of art by offenders, secure patients and detainees. In this exclusive video interview for Southbank Centre, he explains what the theme of this year’s exhibition, Inside, means to him.

Antony Gormley on the theme of Inside, and curating Koestler

We are all defined by our condition, by our context, but however conditioned we are, our minds are always free.
Antony Gormley

An artist who continually tries to identify the space of art as a place of becoming, in which new behaviours, thoughts and feelings can arise, Gormley describes how he wanted to encourage the artists of this year’s exhibition to draw on the ‘limitlessness’ of the mind in their work.

As someone who has always looked to take his work beyond gallery spaces, and other locations in which art may be perceived to belong, Gormley, perhaps understandably, tells us how he views the Koestler exhibition as a key opportunity for him, and us, to discover a place where art arises without the constructed labels of its environment.

It’s a very sad thing if we think that art is something which can only be found in art galleries or museums.
Antony Gormley

Inside, art by offenders, secure patients and detainees, is exhibited at Southbank Centre from Thursday 21 September - Wednesday 15 November. 

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