My Mixtape: Marius Neset

Friday, February 1, 2019 - 11:28

On Thursday 21 November the jazz saxophonist and composer Marius Neset returns to Southbank Centre to perform in a special new commission with London Sinfonietta. Earlier this year Neset joined us to give a performance of his most recent album Circle of Chimes; ahead of which he put together this special mixtape for us, of music which has recently inspired him.

‘I have tried to put together a section of music that I have been listening to recently. I love to listen to new things, and to hear music that I haven’t heard before. I’m often listening to music that is quite different from my own music.

‘I’m inspired by music from composers from past centuries, and a lot of the music I listen to comes out in my playing or composing. I find that the music that brings the deepest emotions and gives me the most, is often music I don’t necessary understand immediately, but has something exciting going on, and that leads me to listen to it over and over again.

‘Here is a small selection of what has inspired me in the last few months.’


Marius Neset: Viaduct, featuring the saxophonist alongside London Sinfonietta, comes to Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre on Thursday 21 November.

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