Philharmonia Orchestra: the end of The Weimar Republic

The Weimar Republic was a time of great social and artistic advances, but shaky politics and a disastrous economy made it ripe for the rise of National Socialism – the Nazis. 

Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in 1933, which brought an end to the Weimar Republic. As part of his swift project of cultural eradication, books were burned and people opposed to the regime, or who simply did not fit the Nazi’s ideal of the “Aryan” race, were arrested, murdered or forced to flee Germany. In this film the Philharmonia Orchestra team explores the effects of the rise of the Nazis, and Weimar’s legacy.

The Party’s Over (6/6) - Philharmonia Orchestra


Many [Jewish] figures wanted to continue creating, often in defiance, and sometimes to blend in. But how to do it? What were the new rules? How could you have your work published or performed if you were ‘degenerate’?
Gavin Plumley, Series Advisor.


On Sunday 29 September, the Philharmonia Orchestra, led by Esa-Pekka Salonen, present a selection of music by Weimar-era composers as they continue their Weimar Berlin series with The Party’s Over.

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