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Uncovering Careers in the Arts

Sophie Ransby

Our series helping young people build a career from a passion for the arts

Are you passionate about visual art, literature or music? Discover the jobs that make the sector tick, then find out how to get them.

If you love one type of art – or all of them – but don’t see yourself creating it, there are still plenty of ways to follow your passions into a skillful, rewarding career in the creative industries.

Our Uncovering Careers in the Arts series draws attention to many of the behind-the-scenes jobs across music, visual arts and literature that you may not have considered, or even know exist.

Whether you’re a young person with an interest in the arts and creativity, or a parent or careers advisor wanting to signpost young people towards different job options, then this is the platform for you.

Demystify careers in the arts through our programme of events tailored specifically for schools and young people aged 14 – 18.

With generous support from the Rothschild Foundation