BSI ISO 50001 & 55001 certification

Southbank Centre are committed to a long term energy reduction plan and is in the process of obtaining an ISO certification for Energy Management. This certification covers all aspects of energy procurement, energy consumption and energy management on all sites operated by the Southbank Centre Ltd. 

Our Energy Management Policy and Display Energy Certificates are available to download.

BSI ISO 55001 certification

Southbank Centre is delighted to have been awarded the BSI ISO55001 certification for Asset Management, one of the first organisations to have secured the certification in the UK.

The ISO55001 is a standard which allows the organisation to achieve its Asset Management Objectives, proactively managing the life-cycle of the assets from acquisition to decommission. Supporting the management of risks and costs associated with owning assets, the process is structured in a manner that supports continual improvement and on-going value creation.