Community Guidelines

At the Southbank Centre, we want our social media platforms and channels to be welcoming spaces for all.

We’ve set out these guidelines to help create this safe environment across our digital platforms. These guidelines apply to any communication on any of our social media channels, via email, through our online chat or website.

We expect all comments and replies to:

  • be polite, and be written with consideration for users
  • stay on topic; don’t hijack an event, post or thread to discuss your own agenda or promote your own event
  • remain constructive when offering criticism or feedback for the benefit of everyone

Comments, screen names or avatars must not:

  • promote hate-speech or discrimination based on race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age
  • personally attack, abuse or troll any person, group or community (or direct others to do so)
  • reveal personal or sensitive information about an individual
  • contain explicit language or be offensive, threatening, abusive, hateful, or inflammatory 
  • contain spam, advertising material or promotion of commercial services
  • act in a deceptive manner, or impersonate any person or organisation
  • breach any of the terms of the social media platform on which they are posted
  • engage in any unlawful activity
  • be off-topic, irrelevant or unintelligible

In moderating our website, email and social media channels, we reserve the right to: 

  • determine, at our discretion, whether contributions to our channels breach our guidelines
  • hide, delete or report content and/or profiles, and potentially block users who do not follow these guidelines
  • send on any comments we deem necessary, or as is required by law, to the appropriate law enforcement authorities for investigation

By engaging with the Southbank Centre through our social media channels, email, online chat and website you agree to follow these guidelines. If you have a question or concern relating to community content on our channels then please contact us.

How to contact the Southbank Centre