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    Our Supporters & Partners

    Close-up of Marin Alsop conducting at the Southbank Centre
    Southbank Centre / Grant Leighton

    A thank you to all our supporters and partners

    Whether giving schoolchildren their first taste of classical music or putting on our ever-popular free tea dances, our supporters and partners help us open up the arts to everyone.

    Brian Abel (Directors' Circle)

    Richard and Rosamund Bernays  (Patron)

    Melissa and James Bethell (Patron)

    Alan and Alex Bishop (Patron)

    Michael Blank (Directors' Circle)

    Tom and Jo Bloxham (Patron)

    Ms Miel de Botton  (Patron)

    Mrs Charles H. Brown (Patron)

    Ulf G. Brunnstrom and Jiwon Lee (Patron)

    Frieder Burda and Patricia Kamp, Museum Frieder Burda (Patron)

    Piers D Butler (Artistic Director's Circle)

    Richard Buxton (Directors' Circle)

    Vincenzo Champon (Directors' Circle)

    Michelle Chuang (Patron)

    Sir Ronald and Lady Cohen (Patron)

    Mr and Mrs G L Collins (Patron)

    Carole and Neville Conrad (Directors' Circle)

    Cathy and Mark Corbett (Directors' Circle)

    Caroline, Mary and Paul Cronson, the Evelyn Sharp Foundation (Patron)

    Stefan Cross (Directors' Circle)

    Anne-Pierre d'Albis-Ganem (Patron)

    Marie-Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre (Patron)

    Katie and Mark Denning (Patron)

    Joe and Marie Donnelly (Patron)

    Sarah Elson (Directors' Circle)

    Benjamin Faes and Maider Larrauri (Patron)

    David Ferguson (Patron)

    Wendy Fisher (Patron)

    Eric and Louise Franck (Directors' Circle)

    Gagosian Gallery (Patron)

    Jacqueline and Michael Gee (Directors' Circle)

    Joanna Gemes (Directors' Circle)

    David Giampaolo  (Patron)

    Susan Gilchrist (Patron)

    Alexander Graham (Patron)

    Dr Peter Guider (Directors' Circle)

    Harry Handelsman (Patron)

    Linda and Philip Harley (Patron)

    Shareen Khattar Harrison (Patron)

    Christian and Franziska Hausmaninger   (Patron)

    Rick and Janeen Haythornthwaite  (Patron)

    Roger and Alison Heath (Artistic Director's Circle)

    Malcolm Herring (Directors' Circle)

    Dr Patsy Hickman (Artistic Director's Circle)

    Lesley Hodsdon (Directors' Circle)

    Pippa Hornby  (Patron)

    David Howe  (Patron)

    Dame Vivian Hunt (Patron)

    Mr Karpukhovich and Mrs Litvintseva (Patron)

    Ralph and Yolande Kanza (Directors' Circle)

    Louise and Philip Keller (Patron)

    Donovan Kelly and Ann Wood (Artistic Director's Circle)

    David and Clare Kershaw (Patron)

    Colin Kirkpatrick (Directors' Circle)

    Sybil and Herbert Kretzmer OBE (Directors' Circle)

    Grażyna Kulczyk (Patron)

    Christian and Florence Levett (Patron)

    Varda Lotan and Angus Braham (Directors' Circle)

    Mr L and Mrs O Makharinsky (Patron)

    The Maplescombe Trust (Directors' Circle)

    Liz and Luke Mayhew (Patron)

    Robert McHenry and Sally Lloyd-Bostock (Directors' Circle)

    Scott and Suling Mead (Patron)

    Jane and David Metter (Patron)

    Randall and Maria Moore (Patron)

    David Neilson (Directors' Circle)

    Karl Otto and Ingemo Bonnier (Directors' Circle)

    Midge and Simon Palley (Patron)

    Mrs Kathrine Palmer (Directors' Circle)

    Veronique Parke (Patron)

    Catherine Petitgas (Patron)

    Roger and Virginia Phillimore (Artistic Director's Circle)

    Prowinko Pro Art  (Patron)

    Pure Land Foundation (Patron)

    David Quirolo and Brian Tjugum (Directors' Circle)

    Fiona and Sandy Rattray (Patron)

    Ringier Collection (Patron)

    Victoria Robey OBE (Patron)

    Corinne and Robert Rooney (Patron)

    Roberta and Stephen Rosefield (Directors' Circle)

    Hannah Rothschild (Patron)

    William Sargent and Sandhini Poddar (Patron)

    Anand and Lena Saggar (Directors' Circle)

    Sir David and Lady Sieff  (Patron)

    Heidi and William Slee (Directors' Circle)

    Matthew Slotover and Emily King (Directors' Circle)

    Andrew Smith (Directors' Circle)

    Mark Smith and Geraldine Wong-Smith (Directors' Circle)

    Sprüth Magers (Patron)

    SPIRIT NOW! London and its founder Marie-Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre (Patron)

    Kurt v. Storch (Patron)

    Maria Sukkar (Patron)

    Anthony and Nancy Sykes (Directors' Circle)

    Dr Christopher and The Lady Juliet Tadgell (Artistic Director's Circle)

    Dayana Tamendarova (Patron)

    Richard Thomas (Artistic Director's Circle)

    Susie Thomson (Patron)

    The Philip and Irene Toll Gage Foundation (Directors' Circle)

    Mr and Mrs Brett Tollman  (Patron)

    Vicki Tollman (Patron)

    Marina Vaizey (Directors' Circle)

    India and Robert Wardrop (Patron)

    Dame Gillian Weir Southbank Centre Organ Scholarship (Patron)

    White Cube (Patron)

    Michael G and C Jane Wilson (Patron)

    Sylvie Winckler (Patron)

    Samuel and Nina Wisnia  (Patron)

    Anna and Michael Zaoui (Patron)

    Mercedes Zobel (Patron)

    David Zwirner (Patron)

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