Working with Hayward Gallery Touring

Installation View at Art From Elsewhere Exhibition
Art from Elsewhere, Installation image, Birmingham Museums and Galleries Credit McAteer Photograph

Show our exhibitions with support from us, including interpretation, transportation, marketing and press

Hayward Gallery Touring develops its exhibition programme through collaboration.

By sharing ideas and resources we can create ambitious, innovative and diverse exhibitions that are often beyond the scope of a single organisation.

The exhibition contribution fee includes:


  • Research and origination costs
  • Two-way transport of art works
  • Exhibition graphics and interpretation resources
  • Technical support for installations and audio-visual equipment where required
  • Press and marketing support and advice in collaboration with your venue’s own press team. 
  • High-quality, fully illustrated publication for most major exhibitions.
  • Government Indemnity insurance for high-value exhibitions

Our criteria

Hayward Gallery Touring works with a variety of publicly funded organisations. Exhibitions can be a range of different sizes. In order to host an exhibition, we need to know some key information (depending on the nature of the show). 

  • Size of exhibition space and running wall length
  • Security (in accordance with appropriate categorisation from the National Security Adviser)
  • Environmental conditions and lighting
  • In-house technical assistance (appropriate to the installation instructions)
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For more information about fees, check the webpage for the relevant exhibition or contact us.

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