Africa ManiFest: Sounds of West Africa

Sat 12 Nov 2022, from 1.30pm
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Afla Sackey, percussionist, pictured singing behind his drums

Throw yourself into a dance workshop, watch live performances, or get down to DJ sets, all on a day celebrating West African music.

1.30pm – 1.45pm: One Drum

The opening performance comes from an ensemble of music-makers, led by drumming organisation One Drum. After a process of mass participatory rehearsals, the group comes together to share their creations. One Drum is a collaborative ensemble of professional performers, artists and teachers from diverse backgrounds, committed to creating inclusive, engaging work that uses cultural expression as a catalyst to change perceptions.

Colour portrait of Falle Nioke, who stands against a bright green wall wearing a yellow string vest

2pm – 3pm: Falle Nioke

Falle Nioke is a singer and percussionist from Guinea-Conakry. He arrived in the UK four years ago, after a period travelling around West Africa singing with a troupe of musicians and learning different cultural rhythms. Since arriving, the 35-year-old has been making music with a number of producers, including Ghost Culture, sir Was, Congo Natty and Johan Hugo. He's now working on his debut album.

Five radiant, young Black women sitting on blue sofas smile

3pm – 4pm: BORN N BREAD DJ collective

BORN N BREAD are a south-east London creative collective dubbed as major cultural influencers but most importantly a group of lifelong friends. They've used their own unique flair to create an authentic and refreshing series of printed fanzines, alongside hosting an NTS radio show, DJing internationally, appearing as panellists and curating events.

Afla Sackey, percussionist, pictured singing behind his drums

4pm – 5pm: Afla Sackey + Afrik Bawantu

Afrik Bawantu was formed in 2007 by Ghanaian vocalist and djembe drummer, Afla Sackey. Afla brings his musical dream of blending traditional Ghanaian music with sizzling Afrobeat grooves to life, topping it off with an irresistibly funky twist. Their unique blend of vibrant African rhythms with fast, animated horn sections and heavy bass lines brings a whole new definition to the Afro-funk genre.

BORN N BREAD DJ collectives, black females group causally dressed posing for a photoshoot

5pm – 6pm: BORN N BREAD DJ collective

BORN N BREAD, the south-east London creative collective, are performing a second set in the Clore Ballroom. 

Portrait of a Black woman posing against a grafittied wall with her hands at her face

5pm – 6pm: Dance Workshop

Level 5 Function Room, Green Side, Royal Festival Hall

Join us for an energising and exciting workshop with dance star French Nana, with a focus on learning traditional African dance moves. French Nana, renowned for her music video work with Paper Maker A Star, is also Creative Director with Creative Movementz, who specialise in choreography and movement coaching. The workshop is free and places are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Portrait of Dele Sosimi taken mid performance

6pm – 7pm: Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra 

Dele Sosimi‘s career began when he joined Fela Aníkúlápó Kuti‘s Egypt 80. He then subsequently played with Femi Kuti‘s Positive Force. Sosimi is performing with his 15-piece Afrobeat Orchestra (featuring a five-piece horn section and dancers), all of whom have chops to spare and near-telepathic communication built up over years of performing together.

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Age recommendation

Suitable for all ages

All of the day’s events take place on The Clore Ballroom, Level 2, Royal Festival Hall, apart from the Dance Workshop, which is in the Level 5 Function Room, Green Side, Royal Festival Hall.

Dates & times

Sat 12 Nov 2022, from 1.30pm


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